Bojan Smiljanic I industrial designer I architect I crowdfunding specialist

Travelling and working between Europe, China and Australia. Working as a product designer for almost 15 years, I was involved with many clients and companies providing conceptual and full product development service delivering fresh solutions for everyday products. 

 I enjoy collaboration with startups and helping their early idea to become reality through prototyping and crowdfunding on major platforms. Through these experiences, I delivered many funded ideas which made startups into real companies.



2015 - Moved to Shenzhen, China

-Kodama, Inc. Kickstarter campaign management for Trinus 3D Printer (2M raised)

- Industrial Design work for International and Asian startups

2016 - Shenzhen, China

- Freelance Product Design

-Kodama, Inc. Obsidian 3D Printer Kickstarter campaign management (2.5M raised)

2017 - Sydney, AU

- Exploring AU industrial design scene

2018 - Europe/Asia

- Freelance product design

2019 Q1 - Sydney/Shenzhen

- Ready Fund Go Collaboration to educate startups on how to run a crowdfunding campaigns.